Monday, September 7, 2009

Tusker Project Make-up!

Was it just me or does one Mitch Egwang leave your TV screens all greasy after the Tusker Project fame show? Well, that was one thing I don't want to do again for I hope someone will knock some sense on the make-up artists.
Don't Mitch and Sheila look like they have sores on their face that were covered with some jelly? Last week, Mitch looked like he couldn’t see and the green jacket he wore did not help matters.
I am not a guru when it comes to matters fashion but doesn’t take a genius to tell that the green from both the anchors was reflecting badly on their oily faces and in turn left my screen all messy just like the whole show was.
If they can’t, then I propose they be scrapped together with the bad make-up on the hosts!
The contestants were as bad as they come when it came to doing reggae songs and will someone tell them to stop moving around the stage so much? The poor wanna-bes are always out of breath by the second verse.
Still looks or sounds like their main theme, like the Sunday before; the main theme at the performances was “Off Key”. I almost feel like all the voice coach is telling them is 'let’s piss off these people and see what happens’
Back to dressing, who thought of putting that thing on Sheila’s head? She has good hair, weave or not, but whatever that thing was (and I swear I saw it move four times through the show) it did her no justice.
I know someone will yell they were keeping up with the theme of the show but I won’t buy it for one bit. What happens when they will be doing rock? Paint them white and add silver piercing complete with tattoos of some skulls?
Theme can only be stretched so far, and after that, it just becomes ludicrous especially when it gets to the hosts. The wanna-bes can do the theme but the hosts should always be different like is the case with the judges and the teachers.
If the theme issue continues, I can bet you they will start telling the audience to dress the part and I hope to be in attendance when they go all Indian!
Finally, I think that guy Ng’ang’a should leave. He has no voice and I agree with what Ian told him that he needs to know whether he is a comedian or a musician. His voice, with all due respect, reminds me of those Wakorino singers you find on the streets and it gets hilarious when he sings songs in English because he sounds like he is joking. For him to win the show, I suggest they let him sing in Kikuyu for the rest of the season or join Kajairo in song comedy.
Big Brother Africa is back from today and they had better have a good Kenyan representative because I am still recovering from the effects of one Jeff Anthony.

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