Monday, June 7, 2010


I have heard people accuse me of bringing the industry down with my constant advise and observations. People like Nameless are always complaining to my colleagues and fellow artistes that this column is the reason the industry is down.

Well, I would like to offer my sincere apologies. Apologies because this column is the reason artistes go into the studio, spend lots of time and money only to finally come out with a sound that can only be appreciated by cats.

My sincere apologies to all actors, producers and writers of shows like ‘Nairobi Law,’ which has no flow, probably the second worst acting ever exhibited on Kenyan TV after ‘Cobra Squad.’ I am sorry that this column has picked up those things that everybody else seems to be thinking but are afraid to voice.

Please accept my sincere apologies for being the reason a very promising (allegedly) comedian like Omosh is off air. I solely accept that this column was the reason he was unfunny, uncreative, boring and nobody watched the show. You may not know this but this column is to blame that this boy’s hair wasn’t combed as well.

I hope you will find it in you to forgive me, the writer of the column, that I am hard to please and I demand the best from an industry with people whose sense of high quality is as sharp as that of a sheep.

I feel really bad that much of radio has gone to the dogs. I feel the column is to blame that radio presenters no longer have any meaningful content to share with the listeners. That all they do is give us a couple of boring sex or relationship stories then ask us to call is completely on me.

My dear readers, this column accepts the stories by Kenyan artistes that I influence you on everything I write. I am sorry dear artistes that you expect your fans to swallow everything you spew because they should be supporting everything Kenyan, no matter how stupid it is.

So allow me to finally say that Kenyan artistes are the best in the world. They are perfect, full of talent and if I ever said they had done something wrong like producing some useless track, I was wrong.

So here’s to the artistes who want to be the best in the world but don’t you dare compare them to the best. That is how best they are!
Sincerely yours

NB: This article ran on the SN BUZZ Magazine's HEAT column on Sunday 06/06/2010


  1. No need to apologize, you're spot on, Kenyans should not accept mediocre just in the name of supporting local stuff. If guys can't accept critic then they should leave the industry that's why sometimes I stick to the old style vipindi like Vioja and buying music from River Road and Afro fusion artistes like Wainaina and Owiyo.
    The artistes should shape up to the reality that Kenyans are demanding more creativity and not copy cat sit coms like Nairobi Law and guys who sing about Human anatomy through out forgetting that they need to sell their music like me who can really buy them.
    In short DON'T APOLOGIZE.

  2. Your apology is right on. I apologise too for not appreciating the crap that is in Kenya creative industry, especuially the so called hip hop!!

  3. Apology on point..
    Guys like Omosh need get a life!!he is not funny!!
    period!!! surely someone has to tell him as much!!

  4. Woi watched "Nairobi Law" and first of all the production is totally low buget and the content is just $^#$#, the actors also don't help because they are as bad #justsaying that was the first and last day to watch it.

    As for the artists, i'm not hating because I can't sing to save my life, but am thinking if they can't also sing to save their lives why torment us.

    On to the apology, I love your column, say it as it is, if its bad, its bad. If it's good, we'll all listen and spread the word :)


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