Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am a dream away from being your nightmare

I am that breath
that just won't go through your nostrils
I am that last sight
before blindness creeps in
I am that lover
who introduced you to hate

I am that piece of vegetable
that sticks in your teeth
I am that breeze
that turns into a chill
I am that extra air through your windpipe
that gets you to choke
I am that extra fat
that clogs your arteries

I am that extra line
that destroys a compliment
I am that dream
that you let turn into a regret
I am that "one last beer"
that causes you to crash
I am that "one last dip"
that brings you AIDS

I am that poop
that stinks up the whole house
I am that drop of rain
when you walking out of the salon
I am that gush of wind
that send your sunny dress flying
I am that step you miss going down

I am that fly
that won't close in public
I am that technical hitch
during a live broadcast
I am that writers block
when you are filing a story
I am that loose button
that pops when you sneeze

Yes, I am a dream away from being your nightmare


  1. This is not bad at all, i actually enjoyed it. You should write more.

  2. not bad at all but very scary for the fainthearted..keep the blog active by posting more often,i enjoy your articles..props phil!!

  3. Feels so good seeing such comments, gives me morale to come up with more. Let's see what the "Medula of Langata" will throw up!
    Thanks people

  4. what!!!i looooove it.reminds me of a piece i once did ,"empress embarrass trouble" a man after my own heart!!!:) my mohawk bowed

  5. *shudder* you actually gave me the chills... and thats a compliment :)


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