Monday, March 22, 2010

Ramblings of a "single" mind

Now that pigs have since flown thanks to "Swine Flu,"
Would I still have to wait until Pigs fly
Going by the rate of obesity in the world,
Would I still have to wait until the fat lady sings
With Iran and North Korea building nukes,
Would I stand a chance with you if I was really the last man on earth,
I know its your life,
But would I attract yours even if my life really depended on it

Global warming is melting the arctics,
Do I still stand a snow balls chance in hell
Still on the change of climates,
Do I still have to wait until it snows in summer
And what are the chances that Hell will freeze over
Vegetarians are on the rise,
Do I still have to wait until the cows come home

You told me to go to hell, and your still here,
Does that mean you followed me
I told you to get lost,
But I came looking for you
You said we are like two peas in a pod,
More like two beans in a pot, boiling
They say like poles repel,
We are more like two poles rebel


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