Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I think its time we started engaging our entertainers to a draft constitution like process. It would be the best bet against some of the bad quality entertainment we have been receiving.

I propose that they (entertainers) be tabling a draft copy of their music, film, TV show or skit before they can proceed with the final product. This will help in protecting us (the fans) from useless material that we surely don’t need.

I am thinking about Nameless, Habida, Churchill, Daddy Owen and Bob Nyanja coming up with a draft copy, sending it to the media or the public via their websites or Facebook and then we all give it a listen and vote on whether we like it or not.

If we don’t, we point out the areas that need surgery , where we think the entire draft is weak or unpalatable then we would just send it all back for another rework.This process I propose should go on until we are satisfied with the final product!

If the public feel like no changes were made to their recommendations, then they can decide to throw out the whole draft and order the entertainers to come up with something new.

Don’t forget that they will be given a time frame on which to operate with. If its a song, we can order Nameless to go back to Ogopa and record a new track within two weeks failure to which, his future drafts will be delayed before approval.

If it’s a stand up skit, then Churchill goes back and has two days to present a new draft with jokes and the same punishment exists.

Because we all cannot be in the sub-committee to work on the draft, fans will need to vote in six guys to be their representatives and have the powers to agree or disagree.

After the entertainers have fulfilled the committee’s demands, it moves to the next level where a nine-member commission will oversee the implementation of the new track, show or movie which the public will now enjoy.

If it’s a new artiste, they must present at least 6 songs to prove that they are not one-hit wonders. If the committee feels like the artiste does not have what it takes, then they can present the song to the public but with a tag; “Warning, one hit wonder”.

I have a feeling this process will guarantee us quality entertainment for ever and ever!Dont’ you think so?

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