Monday, November 9, 2009


This is a protest letter of sorts to the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) for they claim that they are “on top of things” when it comes to protecting the consumer from substandard goods.
I believe I speak for the majority when I say that there is one area that they do even concentrate on. Entertainment. Have you listened or watched to some of the material, we music consumers, also known as fans, are exposed to?

I have heard music that made my ears bleed, got me dizzy and almost re-taste whatever I had eaten earlier. I have watched things that my eyes were not supposed to see and I almost snapped a finger as I scampered to press the remote button.

I am not only talking about those River Road made vernacular porn flicks that will give you an indigestion, I am also bringing to your attention some of the music and shows that have been approved for “GE” (General Exhibition).

So KEBS, I need to know why you are not pursuing the people allegedly known as entertainers, who are behind these atrocious productions? I am a Kenyan taxpayer and I believe I should be protected from un palatable music or shows that are on air.

Has any of you tried to watch some of the Jitu Films productions? If you haven’t you should be fired because you are supposed to have your “ENT”, Ears, Eyes, Nose and Tongue on the ground to hear, see, smell and even taste anything that’s on the market. If you have watched the productions, then you should also be fired for letting it go to the market the way it is.

Have you watched some of the commercials we the taxpayers are being subjected to? All these detergent and insecticide commercials that sound and look the same because of using the same ad agencies are a health hazard. And don't even get me started about that Safaricom "Super Ongea" ad or the KPLC "Stima Loan" commercial.

They should be banned for lack of creativity and causing untold anguish to some of us who think we can do far much better.

Have you listened to the song “Pamela” by SK Blue and Ringtone or the first lines of the song by Jaguar and AY; “Wanashine kwa mwangaza na wanajidai, mi nashine kwa giza na sijidai”. I love the song and its video but that line is way below KEBS standards, I would like to believe!

Have you listened to Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane and Bird Man? They give dumb a whole new meaning, and they are supposed to be international stars! Can you believe that?

You see, if you won’t help protect Kenyans from such substandard material, then I will just have to change and see if one John Michuki, the Minister for Environment can help me together with NEMA.

I am part of the environment that he is so determined to save and if I will be “destroyed” by such material, then I bet my appeal will be somewhere near the Mau forest issue.

Do you realise how much of the environment is used to process, print and record some of these useless materials? I guess Michuki is the right man to pursue. Think he will help me out?

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  1. Should Jaguar be called a rapper? I think those journalist who refer to him as so or as a hip hop artist should be put on check too by KEBS.

    Those new commercials on detergents too need to be put on detergent too so they can shine more.

    Wasup brother always wanted to throw a comment here but limited by circumtances. Keep the heat coming


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