Monday, October 12, 2009

Alpha Male Vs Superlito!

Give it up to East Africa's very own superheroes; one one corner is Tusker Project Fame's winner The Alpha Male and on the other corner is Superlito!
And so, after a whole two months that were all dominated by the comedian wanna-be superlito, it went down to the wire where he was knocked out by the ever sensitive Alpha Male.
It was a battle that was won fair and square although the real battle was behind the scenes as their fans, overwhelmingly teenage girls, thumbed in their votes via text.
I must say, TPF3 was one of the best produced shows compared to the last two. Even the winner was deservedly awarded. Or was he?
When it comes to singing, Alpha was the Alpha male literally but beyond TPF, I think Ng'ang'a would have carried their torch better than Valerie Kimani the inaugural winner and Esther Nabaasa.
The two have not been as visible as it would have been expected but let's not get into that. Alpha will continue singing and he will go places and EABL will milk his popularity in Rwanda to the last drop but does he have a Tusker image? No! Not even an Alvaro image.
You see, for one to carry a brand as big as Tusker, you have to be nuts and if there's anything Ng'ang'a was, it was nuts! He would be the kind of guy who, whenever see him, you see a mlevi but not in a bad way.
I can bet that Ng'ang'a is one Mugithi track to being the biggest artiste Kenya has and having had a chat with him, I can tell you that he will do just that.
As for Patricia, I really think this kid has talent although she might appear like she is "upmarket" for her fans and loose out. She does have the voice and the looks. if only she can use her Psychology degree to her advantage when dealing with her fans.
Caroline is Ugandan. Period! Ugandans are known to love their artistes so I have no fear that she will go far especially if she keeps her hyper and down-to-earth attitude.
But even as these wanna-bes are thrown into the public, especially the Kenyan one, known to be unforgiving and just give lip service for support, they will need TPF to help them out in a bit.
But TPF has been atrocious in "post TPF hype", they never use the contestants to market themselves the way, say, American Idol has been with the likes of David Cook or Kelly Clarkson.
They need to keep tabs on this kids because one the winner bags the Sh5 M, they are out and they will be seen again next time a new TPF rolls in.
Sure, Tusker sinks in over Sh300 million for the reality show and I never get why people go "ga ga" over that amount. First, if you were to calculate how much free media the show gives the mother brand, then you will realise that 300M is loose change.

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