Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Awards and speeches

The award ceremonies are here and Kenyans are bagging them like crazy. Next up, the Channel O Music Awards due to be held this weekend. We are well represented by five of our entertainers; Wahu, Amani, Cannibal, Risasi and Collo. I wish them all the best and I would like to give them a head start on a small matter.
You see, if your name is up for an award, there are chances that you might just bag the award and if you are present to accept your award, then your fans will need to hear an acceptance speech.
As far as I know, we are not used to winning continental awards and so we cannot be blamed for being not well versed in the art of giving acceptance speeches.
It is unfortunate that we do not have our very own Kanye West who can help interrupt your acceptance speech which means, you have no excuse of not having one.
If you saw Amani scratching her head while receiving her award at the MTV Awards or Nameless trying to make up something on the go after he received his award then you get my drift.
The most amusing one was Amani, she was blank but clever girl, she managed to scratch her head until something cropped up. Wahu was brilliant last year in Nigeria when she won her award she used tears and really helped bring out the supposed effect!
You see, when you win an award, there are people who have really helped you bag it and it is usually disastrous when you forget to thank them. But that’s not enough, you will need to have a flow and need to be contained.
“Er, Er, I would like to, er, er...” Is a big No, No! Also, this is unacceptable; “I thank God, and my haters...” Come on! Those two never go hand in hand!
Always start with God, family and everybody else follows but try and avoid making it look like a “Salaams club” session on KBC. You cannot thank everyone. When you start thanking your dad’s cousin’s little brother’s nephew’s mother, then we have a problem.
If you want write them down and keep them short and sweet. Never, ever, forget to thank your fans or at least those that voted for you. It might come back to haunt you!
While at it, don’t forget to thank me for this brilliant coaching session. I will be waiting and all the best to the nominees!

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