Saturday, July 25, 2009

Omosh, the Tribal council has spoken U have been voted off the island... of comedy!

It has been a while since I heard someone call for a National prayer day to pray for our country since last year when we completely lost our heads.
I know we don't need a prayer day to dedicate our country to God but I think I should call one on supposedly the next big comedian Omosh.
I have watched that thing he calls a show for two weeks and I can say that I love watching that show as much as I love the smell of burning garbage.
To be honest, I have heard more creative jokes while watching the weather updates than I have from the last two shows of "Hawayu".
First things first, who is Omosh, Churchill, Kajairo or Nyengese? He doen't seem to know whethere he is a stand up comedian or an actor. There is a difference I tell you.
He needs to define what his craft is and then stick to it as a way of giving the audience a chance to know him and get to understand where he is coming from. He is trying to hard to be funny.
Don't even get me started on the name so I will just zoom past it because isn't Churchill the one who invented or atleast made it famous?
On the show itself, everything seems to be going wrong for young Omosh because from the lighting, sound and even props, they are all a big turn off and that is made worse when he steps on stage with skits that are done at Daystar.
I have no beef with Omosh as a person, I think he has some talent somewhere, what I have a problem with is his rush to be a star.
For heaven's sake, he is 22 and still in college, what happens when he hits and after a year and he is done? Spend the rest of his years as savouring the moments?
The Kenyan audience is one of the most unforgiving crowd I have ever met. They may seem interested until you cross some imaginary boundaries they set for you and they will never even look your way after that.
The one thing that Omosh is missing apart from creative jokes is patience and I know even his three fans agree. He started out in December and six months later he has his own show? How lucky can a brother be?
Moving from two minutes at Churchill Live to having 30 minutes with Hawayu is no small feat and I doubt he knows whats at stake.
The money may be good now but the money will always be there if you take your time, grow and then have a bigger audience and influence.
Many people say that we need to give him time. I agree, but shouldn't he give himself time to grow first? It is his career not the audiences.
I feel for him because this is the second time in a second station that he is trying to have his own show with disastrous results within a span of five months.
Unless he has nine lives like a cat, I think he should take a bow and exit the stage until such a time he is ready and maybe, just maybe, we can give him a third chance. Comedy is no laughing matter I tell you.

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