Friday, July 31, 2009


Kenyan productions are the best thing to ever happen to our viewing pleasures and they seem like they are not going anywhere. Yet!
Yes, our local productions are all the rage and with good reason, they speak our language and we can relate to the scripts and yes, because we are supporting our homegrown talent.
There is no need of mentioning the major productions in our living rooms, both the good and the very bad, but one thing is for sure, they have overshadowed almost every foreign production on the market.
Well, there are still the useless soaps that still rake in ratings but I would want to believe some of our productions like Tahidi High would whoop their Mexican or is it Philippine behind.
However, all that is very good right now, the mood is right, the market is receptive and so is the corporate world and local productions have never been this good. The problem is not whether we have talent, its more of, is this talent bankable in the long haul?
Sustainability is the word am looking here and one thing about the media is not if you are good at the start but rather if you will still be good as days pass.
This is a marathon and not a sprint so it matters less whether you are the first off the blocks or the last, can you build enough momentum to get you past your rivals and still manage to hold the momentum and till the end?
The fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, is always the slowest at the start but his bristering pace gets him past everybody else and the gap at the finishing line is big enough to park a bus.
Yes, Churchill Live, Papa Shirandula and Siri are all the rage at the moment but will we be saying the same thing next year same time?
Already Churchill Live seems to have died a natural death after the first season and what the comedian has replaced it with is not up to his high standards. "Top Comic" has already stalled and its six episodes deep!
On Tahidi, they seem stuck because of its very setting. Its biggest stars, OJ, Sheesh and Tanya are in Form Four and are about to graduate. What happens when they leave? Thats the problem that even the producers don't seem to know.
Simple, kill off the production or have another show that will be run by the main stars in another setting. Joblessness, campus life etc.
As much as we like them, they gotta go. Simple!
I am all for local productions but sustainability is what worries me and if that happens, then I know that this is not a phase but a season that will last for years to come.
If its a phase, then we only have ourselves to blame!

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  1. I'm totally with you on this one man...Its like our local producers wait a few hours to the shoot to think up their scripts because they end up sounding like skits instead of actual episodes...Papa Shirandula is a quick example.Those guys freestyle big time!! And it seems Tahidi High is in lots of trouble unless they make OJ and Co. repeat classes, ridiculous, I know.But I wouldn't mind a fresh cast. There are so many actors and actresses who want to break through!!


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