Thursday, July 23, 2009

Talk shows or blondes anonymous?

Female talk Shows. They are a women best friend alongside Soap Operas and the opposite sex swears by them taking in everything they are told without questioning.
Oprah Winfrey, the biggest name in the art and slowly but surely Tyra Banks, seems to be creeping into that position and the women are loving every minute of it because, to quote my baby sister, "They have variety!"
Well, that variety seems to be coming to Kenya but it looks like nobody is taking notice because, to be honest, Kenyan talk shows are borderline pathetic.
Now, I am not a fan of talk shows and their emotional nature apart from when they have some serious guests like Donald Trump, Obama and other heavyweights who make news anytime.
Over the last year, female talk shows have literally exploded on our screens and now we have The woman's show, Sebuleni, The Patricia Show, Today's Woman Show and others that I cannot really remember.
My problem with these shows is that they are the most depressing shows you will ever catch on television together with Catalinas where the women are always crying their eyes out and the men are shirtless and they never smile.
Our local shows have nothing new to share and they seem to recycle every woman who has been on television or one who is burdened with life's problems.
I know women go through a lot in life but is that all there is to women? As a society, we need to celebrate women and not always bring someone who has a sad story which sometimes are pushed to a unbelievable heights.
If you listen, you might hear something like this; "I have single handedly raised my children alone." I know that is sad but wait till you hear what comes next. "I have nine kids and none of their six fathers helps me in any way and now I am pregnant with the tenth."
Now, how am I as a viewer supposed to do? Cry, laugh or switch off my telly? All this time, there is a host whose main purpose is to look good on telly and she just looks at the "victim" and all she can muster is; "Oh, pole sana." Really? What about telling her to stop delivering kids like she is a conveyor belt?
Even Oprah Winfrey has times when she livens up her show with celebrities, giveaways, humuor and even road trips with some of her biggest fans. Why can't these shows try to liven up their shows and then stop bringing audiences whose main role is to smile for the camera?
Even at the office I have asked some of my female colleagues and they are all seem to agree that female talk shows in Kenya are a waste of time.
If you want to know just how bad the local talk shows are doing, ask any girl you see to name you what they love about these shows and you will be shocked. They would rather wait till midnight to watch Tyra or Oprah than watch these daytime weepy shows. Although why do our stations insist on bringing daytime soaps at midnight and bring porn during prime time hours?
Clever by half perhaps?

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