Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Remembering Cobra Squad...

Sloppy acting, an equally weak script and an annoying set of events is what Cobra Squad brought to your living rooms every Sunday.
Our dear Government Spokesman Alfred Mutua continues to ruin his reputation whenever the show hits the airwaves because if there is one program I would help pay so as it never gets back on telly, it has to be Cobra Squad.
Season one was horrendous and unbelievable that such a show would grab a prime time slot on television and so when it ended I was very happy that the assault had come to an end. Then they brought back season two! Who said lighting doesn’t strike twice?
My problem with the show has nothing to do with who is producing it but rather, how it is produced. If it is acting, it has to be the worst in the history of bad acting, a script that clearly is not written but sent via SMS to the actors and action scenes that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
Once in a while, I attempt to watch the show but it just never makes sense. Usually, a plot should lead somewhere and not into a Zain store or a hotel where one orders for Brookside milk, it should be able to captivate and get you to talk or think of what’s next. But no, not Cobra Squad, every scene is an advertising gold mine and that is where problem lies.
What is the objective of Cobra Squad? It definitely does not intend to build an actor’s career or such, its just an opportunity to make money for the Producer, writer, cameraman, director, financier and marketer all who are the same person, Mutua!
It is good to see corporates getting on board but I doubt they get value for their money for appearing on this show because all they get it quantity not quality in the product placement segments.
A mad man can go shouting a brand all over time and I doubt you can call that advertising. All Cobra Squad needs to do is get writers, cameramen and better actors and it will start being relevant because all those choppers, AK 47 rifles just confuse the show the more.
Look at smaller budget programs like Mother in-law, Papa Shirandula, Tahidi High, they are a bigger brand that Cobra Squad which I might start calling Cobbler Squad soon.
There is still time to rescue the show but that depends on the objectives.

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